Essay on Women During Combat Armed Forces

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Women in combat weaken armed forces
There are many women that are in armed forces who do not weaken the armed forces but help strengthen it! Women can do just as man can, women are good at many different things. Men always have their ego set high and look down on women as weak human beings. Some women prove themselves that they can do what men can or even better than them.
“More than 200,000 women are in the active duty military.” Women can do many things, we have all been stuck on men doing it all bringing money to the table, working, all the hard work while women stay home tend the children cook and clean and pleasing their husbands needs whenever he comes home. You train women, just as you would train men and watch them become the best soldiers you’ve seen. You don’t cut them any slack just because their women, you treat them just as you would treat men. “Among the top ranks, sixty-nine of the nine hundred seventy-six generals and admirals 7.1% were women. There were twenty-eight female generals in the Air Force, nineteen in the army, one in the Marine Corps and twenty-one female’s in the Navy. Another reason why people think that men in general can do more than women is because of religion, in history of the world basic religious stories are held and they depict man to be McKoy#2

valiant, courageous, leaders of the community and women as property, or a slave. Things have changed now, “Enlisted women made up 2.7% of the military’s front line units. Women were…

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