Women, Class, By Emily Skidmore Essay

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Emily Skidmore in her excerpt Constructing the “Good Transexual” Christine Jorgensen Whiteness and Heteronormativity in the Mid-Twentieth-Century Press published by Feminist Studies 37 covers the role that race, class, as well as heteronormative behavior play in the public perception of trans individuals. In her work, Skidmore utilizes many different stories of transgender females including one of the most iconic figures of transexuality in America, Christine Jorgensen. Throughout the passage she references Jorgensen as the model of a “good transexual” and how her acceptance for the most part had to do with her alignment with heteronormativity as well as her race and social status. To further prove her point she utilizes the stories of transwomen who are not of the same race and class and how they were depicted by the media in comparison to Jorgensen. Skidmore introduces Christine Jorgensen first by giving her readers a little background as to the environment in which Jorgensen had become popularized in. She references Lizabeth Cohen’s The Consumer’s Republic to paint the picture of post war America in which there was mass suburbanization and this striving for the “American Dream” which most notably involved a “image of domestic tranquility.” (Skidmore p.272) Skidmore further elaborates by discussing the importance of the nuclear family becoming more significant and this necessity to conform which led to more persecution of homosexuals. Both gays and lesbians were being…

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