Women as Agents of Change Essay

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young people, this extraordinary project gives young people a voice by promoting literacy, academic excellence, story telling, reflection, awareness and creativity. Across the Commonwealth, the Competition generates huge amounts of good will, loyalty and enthusiasm.

Established in 1883, the Commonwealth Essay Competition - 'Write around the World' - has evolved into a unique education project with over 50,000 students participating annually in schools around the globe.

Writing is a universal mode of expression: no matter what their scholastic or social background, young people all over the world have access to pens and paper or a computer.

The essay topics for 2011 are based around this year's Commonwealth theme: Women as Agents
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Teachers and families must not intervene in any way which compromises a candidate’s responsibility or the trust on which the Competition is based Candidates must pay attention to the topics which have been set and ensure that within the specified word count they fully answer what they have been asked to do. Otherwise the Examiners will not consider them eligible for the prizes and awards Where appropriate, candidates are encouraged to carry out research by reading suitable books and articles and/or by making use of the internet. It is expected that they consult more than one identifiable source of information, attribute quotations by means of footnotes and list their sources at the end of the entry Examiners expect candidates to show a competent command of English as a written language. This includes a good standard of spelling and punctuation, neat presentation and clear handwriting or word processing. Examiners take into account whether English is the first, second or third language of the candidate Prize-winning entries may vary enormously in the way they are written. How ever they will invariably engage the reader’s attention in an entertaining, interesting or thoughtful manner. Qualities shown by candidates may include originality, imagination, creative writing skills, clarity of thought, and

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