Essay Women As A Woman Of Equal Qualifications

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As a woman, I understand the challenges all women face as the go about their daily lives. In their own homes, women are often expected to all of the housework like cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. Because a man will statistically make more money than a woman of equal qualifications, women are at a disadvantage in the workplace as well. “The percentage of women at the top in job sectors ranging from government to journalism to law in the UK and US levels out at 22 per cent. Only 18 of the Fortune 500 CEOs are female”(Rhiannon and Holly). Unfortunately, women are often faced with rape and sexual assault more than men. In addition, women are blamed as the victim because of what they were wearing, how late at night they were out, or how intoxicated they were. Women are also fighting for reproductive justice. We should have to right to choose to have a child or not to have a child. All of these issues contribute to the feminist movement. Feminism is the organized advocacy around political, economic, and social equality. When most people hear the word feminism, they probably roll their eyes thinking “not these people again”. That is because people have this false definition of feminism that puts down men instead of making us equal. I have even seen some women ditching their bras and not shaving their legs and underarms saying, “I do it because I am a feminist”, when that’s not what feminism is about at all. Women should be able to wear high heels, work boots, and anything…

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