Women Are Treated Extremely Different Than Men Throughout Religions

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Lily Karbowski
Dr. Lee
Women In Religion

Women In Religion Essay

Women are treated extremely different than men throughout religions. Women are below men and downgraded to a much lower status in almost all religions. There are some examples of equality in religions but more often than not, women are considered lower and treated poorer than men in their religions. Women are treated differently in four major ways: how they are treated in religious traditions, how they are described in sacred texts, how they are described in general, as well as what their roles in society are. Societies values often impact religious views on women, but how much? Some religions have more equality than others, but which ones? Which religion is the most oppressive? When religions depict women in general and through their sacred texts, which religions portray them negatively? With these depictions in the sacred texts, how literally and seriously are the depictions taken? Religious texts impact the roles of women immensely, but do the sacred texts decide them? Religions depict, expect, and allow women to do different things, based on the culture and social values surrounding them.

Women are often involved in many religious traditions but they have very different roles within these traditions than men. A specific religion that treats women differently than men in their traditions is hinduism, an example would be the funeral rites which are an extremely important ceremony in buddhism. The funeral…

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