Essay about Women Are Perceived Today 's Society

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When thinking about how women are perceived in America 's society today, many different conceptions appear. However, one main conception is how they are viewed and known for their bodies. Check out a recent video fighting game, and one will discover that all of the women fighters are barely clothed. For centuries women were considered inferior creatures to men. There have been many battles throughout the course of history to get the same respect and treatment as men. Unfortunately, some women noticed that their bodies got them farther than other women in a time when mainly men were in control of everything. However, even if we look at how women are perceived today in just America, they are still sought after for their sexual looks. As you see in the picture of the Axe advertisement in every picture of the man, he is just cleansing his body. However, in every picture of the women she is doing something sexual. How is that acceptable in today’s society? Because women are still not valued at the same level as men. Men today still have reason to believe they are inferior to women. They get better job opportunities, paid more, and their bodies are not sex items. The problem still persists of undervalue towards women. That is why feminist movement is on a rise in today’s society. In newly found America, there were slaves who were not considered people, but items. When it came to politics only the white men had the right to vote, than years later slave men had the right to vote,…

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