Women Are Not Puppets By Jane Austen Essay

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Women Are Not Puppets Why are there so many expectations about the behavior of women? She should have the right to decide how to live her life without being controlled by society like a puppet master controls his puppets. In the novel Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen questions this unfair treatment of women. The novel portrays the Bennet family with five daughters whose mother is desperate for her daughters to marry into rich families. At this time, the Bingleys and Mr. Darcy move close to them. The majority of the novel revolves around Elizabeth, the main character, fighting through society’s expectations of women to find her love. The novel demonstrates how she rejects the standards set by society. These standards include women not being able to make an income, the role of women was to serve her husband and children, and women had to be accomplished. Elizabeth’s response against the society’s standards reveal that women face a lot of challenges because of the pressure these standards put on them. During the time that the novel was written, the English society had certain unspoken rules or expectations which women are expected to abide by; Lizzy challenges these expectations and does things her own way. Women were not allowed to make an income, so they had to marry into a rich family. A woman’s role in life was to find a husband, have children, and spend the rest of her life serving as a housewife. In the novel, Lizzy is not fazed by Mr. Collin’s income and social…

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