Women Are Not Getting The Credit They Deserve Essay

1173 Words Nov 29th, 2015 null Page
Women in today’s society are not getting the credit they deserve. Sexism is one of the leading issues in our world today, and can be solved by gender equality. Genders are not restricted to certain roles in our society, for example in the nursing field women tend to overrule the job availability. Another example displaying gender inequality is men working in the engineering industry. There is a constant struggle between gender equality in this world and it starts from basic actions such as playing sports and ends with an important duty in our country. Women fighting in combat should be treated the same way and be given the same beneficial opportunities compared to men who fight in combat. Throughout the controversy of whether women should continue to fight in combat will remain unsolved due to the physical ability of a women. Women in the military are a big support in today’s world and being fair-minded to them should be an important aspect since they’re doing everything they can by risking their own lives to protect our country, but they’re constantly being judged because of their gender. Women started enlisting in the military at an early era but were not able to fight with the men unless they were to follow their husbands to war out of requirement, or unless the women were to serve in the military camps. The only entity the women were allowed to do throughout the military camps were to become a nurse, a cook, water bearers, laundresses, and saboteurs. However, over the…

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