Women Are Handicapped By Institutional Challenges Essay

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Women are handicapped by institutional challenges in the first and second stages of the candidate emergence process. Recruitment is one of the many institutional challenges handicapping women when considering and making a bid for political office. Recruitment is a major institutional factor that handicaps women in the first stage of the candidate emergence process because women who are not encouraged and recruited to run are less likely to run, and unlike men, women need to be in contact with women’s organizations to increase the likelihood that they will be recruited to run. Women are significantly less likely to have received encouragement to run for office by electoral gatekeepers. In a 2008 survey of men and women in the Candidate Eligibility Pool, men were 6 percentage points more likely to have been recruited to run by a party leader or elected official and 7 percentage points more likely than women to have been recruited by any political actor (Fox and Lawless 99). In order to increase their likelihood of being recruited, women have to jump over an additional hurdle: being in contact with a women’s organization. Female candidates who have had contact with a women’s organization are more than 34 percentage points more likely to be recruited to run for office by an electoral gatekeeper than candidates who have not had contact with a women’s organization (Fox and Lawless 105).
Once women reach the second stage, they are handicapped by additional institutional factors…

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