Essay on Women And Women 's Roles

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In the past, men and women have had distinct roles in our society. Men were the breadwinners who made the income, defended, and represented the family. Women were the caretakers who raised the children, cooked, and cleaned the house. Over the years, our society has progressed and women started to participate in the workforce bringing income into the family. Women no longer depended on men to take care of them and were able to support themselves and their children. As time passed, the traditional family role, in some families, has completely changed. Women started to bring the main income in their home, while the men are at home with the children. As more mothers join the workforce, some individuals wonder if working women are neglecting their motherly duties at home. A constant question asked is, are mothers able to juggle both the demands of work family? Do mothers need to give up their careers to focus on raising children until they are old enough to take care of themselves?
Unfortunately, there are many children who have felt neglected by both of their working parents. The parents are hardly ever home, so the child spends a lot of time alone. It is essential for dual-earner families to have a, “open and frequent exchange of ideas…in which parents and children spend time together and respect each other’s ideas and feelings” (Kunz, 2013, p.275). Dual earning families struggle with keeping an open communication with their children, which can lead to the child feeling…

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