Essay on Women And Women 's Roles

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Throughout history, the roles of important religious figures have all been dominated by men. However, women also play a significant role in everyday practices. Women’s roles in religion is determined by examining the traditional roles of women, the progression of women’s rights, and women’s roles in religion today.
Although many religions have different beliefs, the traditional roles of women were quite similar. In Christianity, although men and women were equal before God, they had different roles and responsibilities. The woman 's role was to "be the helper" of her husband and he shall "rule over" her (Grace Community Church, 2002). This authority also carried over from the home to the church. In the Bible, no women were ever priests (Ellis, 2008). Women were theoretically equal to men, but men would make decisions for them. Women also couldn 't hold any positions of leadership in church. In Islam, the Qur 'an states that God made men and women equal in value, but different in roles. However, men were ultimately stronger and had more authority. Muhammad also taught that men can marry up to 4 wives but women can have only 1 husband. Women had to be obedient to their husbands (Esposito, 2015). Men could admonish their wives, refuse to share a bed with them, and even beat them. In mosques, women were separated from men, and they could only teach other women (Esherick, 2005). Similar to Christianity, Muslim women were equal to men in theory, but had much lesser rights and…

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