Women And Women 's Rights Essay example

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Although society has been ruled by men for centuries, it is slowly moving toward equal opportunity for both genders. Women are now able to run for president and other types of jobs previously reserved for the male population. Although the movement for women’s rights has brought many changes to what women are enabled to do, there are still discriminatory subtleties hidden below the surface. It is important to bring attention to these inequalities and double standards so all women can have the same respect and opportunity that is given to men. There are two types of inequality that women are faced with in the workforce. The first type is the simple task of making job positions open and accessible for both men and women. This type is not as big of a concern now as it was when women were starting to seek careers over being a stay-at-home wife or mother. The second type of inequality is more difficult to identify and fix since it has become a more subtle and “normal” part of society. This type became a problem when women first joined the workforce. In Gender Discrimination and the Transformation of the Work Place, Kathryn Abrams says “They became the object of lewd comments and jokes, and sometimes were propositioned by colleagues or supervisors.”(1187) Although there are systems set up now to ensure that kind of unwanted behavior does not occur, that behavior is still very much a part of society whether it be physiologically or just subtly present. When looking at gender…

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