Essay on Women And Women 's Media

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Men and women have a set role in today’s media. Women in particular have been portrayed as stupid, talentless, or even as nothing more than an item or rather a “piece of meat.” When women show up to red carpet events they are asked who or what they are wearing while the men in their same career field are asked the hard thinking questions. This has always been the norm and has never been questioned because society has deemed okay to think of women just as items. In films, very few women are given the role of a main character. Most women are often the supporting characters and even a few of them are taken seriously as directors or producers. Women in the media are portrayed in a dark, demeaning way in contrast to their male counterparts in contexts such as games, films, shows, and even events such as beauty pageants. Women in T.V. shows like beauty pageants objectify women, and create a homogenous, unachievable ideal of beauty that promotes poor self-image among girls. This way that women are portrayed affects not only them but people who view them. In beauty pageants they are, again, treated as a piece of meat just having them flaunt around and asking them questions expecting answers in 30 seconds. There is no equivalent of this for men because men are not expected to submit to society’s demands to please the audience. There is an obvious amount of misogyny already embedded into our society that we are so numb to how women are treated. As stated in the article, “The focus on…

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