Women And Women : The Workplace, The Home, And The Way They Should Act

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Throughout history, society has always held certain attitudes towards men and women. These include their jobs, their behavior, and the way they should act. These attitudes can be harmful to people when they do not fit into the classic views of society, causing them emotional and mental distress. Although some changes have taken place, many traditional values towards the roles of men and women still exist in the workplace, the home, and in personal relationships.
While many workplaces are becoming more equal towards men and women, many still hold biases. Many people believe that everyone is treated equal in the workplace, however women still only make around seventy seven cents for every dollar that men make. Even when women have the same schooling and job experience as men, they are still paid less to do the same job. Because of this the unemployment rate is higher for females than it is for males. According to Linda Schweitzer, author of “Exploring the Career Pipeline,” women represent only “37 percent of all Canadian managers and that number drops to 22 percent for senior management” (223). Most employers are more willing to hire and promote men because they believe that they can do the job more efficiently. They also feel that because women could have children and take maternity leave or quit their job entirely, men are move valuable.
There have been some advances in the workplace regarding the roles of men and women. These include the types of jobs that people…

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