Women And Women During The Beginning Civilization Essay

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Since the beginning civilization, both women and men divided their tasks required to survive and move forward. By being a man, this would entitle you to bring back food for the family since hunting was associated with stronger. Therefore, women were left with the jobs that seemed less masculine like child-bearing, cleaning, and cooking since these were perceived as not masculine. Both men and women are separated into two groups because of their alleged set skills that the others apparently could not perform. In the Chesapeake colonies by law the men had the control over the house, and also if there was any type of problem or issue it was the man 's jobs to bring it up in political meetings. "By the law of 'coverture ', married women had neither legal nor political existence, but depended upon their husbands to represent the household to the outside society. the husband also supervised and disciplined his dependants: wife, children, and servants"(2946). The patriarchal hegemony found in colonial severely created an environment where masculinity prevailed for solely physical reasons, while forgetting to account for logical reasons to install collaboration between the two genders.
Women 's role during the Colonial Era, while severely limited, held some important roles in the society. Women had designated jobs that gave them a sense of belonging and meaning, while also assuring society running smoothly. During this time, women had the jobs cooking, cleaning and taking care of…

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