Essay on Women And Women : A New Perspective On Women

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Introduction to Women
Women are a proud gender who have fought hard and continue fighting for their rightful place in society throughout history. It is no argument that women today are treated much better than they have been in the past but that is not to say there are no lingering inequalities that affect women negatively everyday, even in western society.
Whilst law typically does not differ between genders, and in theory men and women are allowed to have mostly the same occupations there are still issues such as body rights, street safety, stereotypes, oppression, socially constructed expectations and more.
We have seen serious oppression towards females and an undeniable inequality amongst humans simply for their gender ranging from strict laws, lacking rights, and disgusting mistreatment towards women and girls all across the world.

I am basing my report on women to look further at the treatment of women, the adversities in their lives and the way they are oppressed in society. In doing so I will be given a new perspective on a gender that differs to my own and hopefully be more sympathetic to my female counterparts and their feelings.
My goal to get out of this research project is to see:
Do women in the West share complete equality with men?

Roles & Status
According to , A role is the behaviour expected of an individual who occupies a given social position or status. A role is a comprehensive pattern of behaviour that is socially…

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