Essay on Women And The Middle East

1200 Words Apr 29th, 2015 5 Pages
Many people are being taken advantage of throughout Africa And the Middle East. Most of them usually have no way to stand up for themselves. This is why they become victims. Women are often violated under the Taliban in Pakistan as well as in Afghanistan. Throughout Western Africa child labor and slavery occurs. These young men need the same help and attention that these women of the Middle East need. There are ways that society can draw an end to these violations of these people.
Throughout western Africa one of the most common crops that some of these West African countries thrive from is the cocoa plant. Children are often used for this because kids are young, which means that the children’s salary can be lower that what a grown man would earn. On average these child laborers receive about $2.00 per day. This is not even considered and income due to the fact that it is below the poverty line. Children also have more energy to complete the tasks given to them. Unlike grown men, these kids are easily intimidated by the brutes that run these plantations. These laborers are forced into this life style. It is not and option given to them by their adults, sometimes they are sold or even given away to traffickers by their own parents. Due to the intense work schedule, there is no time for these children to attend school for any other facilities that can offer them an education. Many of these workers are between the ages of 12-16. Some are even younger than that. Some reporters…

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