Women And The Film Industry Essay examples

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Women and film, they have being making movies since the beginning of filmmaking and they have always being suppressed by the film industry. Women never really managed to get the space and respect that they deserve with film. From 1896 when the first women made a movie to now 2016, 120 years later not a lot has changed in the industry. They are still not being employed as much as men, nor are they making the same amount of money as men and they are defiantly not getting recognizing by the awards. Men are always getting everything in the film industry, however women have being disrespected and ignored by the industry since they started making movies. The inequality in the film industry always has been absurd. Women have been making movie since the silent era, Alice Guy-Blaché was a french film director; she was the first female known to make a movie. She worked in more than 700 productions in France and in the United States, however barely anyone has ever heard of her or even know of her. Contrary to Georges Méliès, who was also a french filmmaker who started making movies at the same time that Guy-Blaché did and he’s extremely famous ; everyone who knows anything about cinema has heard of him. The only difference between him and Alice Guy-Blaché is that he was a man and she was a woman. That was enough to make one be known and the other not. There has been some research to show how unfair the film industry is to women. Only 15% of the screenwriters are females, only…

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