Women And Middle School Girls Plan A Bowling Night Essay

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3. Bowling

Overview: The chapter women and middle school girls plan a bowling night. The group can split up into various bowling lanes and enjoy an evening of bowling. Depending on the time of the event, the chapter women could choose to provide refreshments or pizza.

Cost: Yes

Logistical Considerations:

Set-up: To ensure that the entire group is able to participate in the activity, call ahead to reserve lanes, making sure there will be enough space to accommodate those who wish to attend. If the collegiate women and/or the middle school girls need to assist in paying for the event, tell them ahead of time so they can be prepared. If providing pizza and/or refreshments make sure enough food is supplied for everyone attending.

Suggested amount of time: 2 hours

Timeline: For this activity, the timeline is flexible. If eating is applicable to your event, take breaks as needed (for example, individuals can eat while they are waiting to bowl, as this activity allows for down time in between each person’s turn).

Group size: Small groups (the large group will be divided up between bowling lanes)

Suggested Number of Meetings for Activity: 1

Activity Goals: Continue to build upon your relationship with your mentee. This activi- ty allows the group to be more laid-back and relaxed, creating the opportunity to have fun and get to know each other better.

Campus/Community Resources:

Other Considerations: Distance – choose a bowling alley that has a central location to both…

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