Essay on Women And Girls Should Look

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These women are mysterious creatures of the water that enchant and seduce, they lie in waiting for their next victim. Mermaid are complex creatures of the sea. The Sunday Overseer defines them as a “mythical sea creature with a woman 's trunk and fish 's tail, instead of legs.”(“Do Mermaids really Exist?” 2009). This is a simple definition of a complex creature, but it shows the basic perception of the creature. Mermaids are the lurking idea of a femme fatal and also imposing ideas of femininity for many of people especially females in the United States. These mythical beings are what have and still today define gender roles among many Americans; they do this by portraying what women and girls should act like, how women and girls should look, and also by dehumanizing women.
To begin with, a mermaids actions should be looked and compared to what society wants from women and girls. Mermaids, especially in American culture, are treated uniquely. They are either innocent or hyper sexualized. An example would be a look at Disney’ movie The Little Mermaid. In this movie Ariel in an innocent young girl, but her body and the clothes she wears says something much differently. She is a young girl in fact and is allowed to act free and wild, until she gets her man (Musker 2006). This sets up the idea that women should be young and free until they meet a man. Once they meet this man, they are to be the dutiful girlfriend or wife. They lose control over themselves and lose much of…

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