Women And African American Women Essay

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The antebellum time period was a difficult time in American history for women. White women and African American women faced multiple challenges and social stereotypes that bonded them together and divided them. These Social ideals followed them through marriage, the bearing of children, and the raising of children. Women in the South during the antebellum times were idolized for their importance in society. These views though, brought women together and divided them in a few ways. During this time marriage and having a family were important parts of life. Women were expected to marry when they were of age. These expectations shifted based on the women’s social class and race during this time. “…They simply ignored the legal realities and their own control over the enslaved women’s ability to marry” (Kennedy 28). Slave’s marriages were not legally recognized in the south during this time. However some farmers privately recognized these marriages. Poorer women, and women that did not end up marrying were seen as social outcasts in Southern society, as they did not fit into the ideal women mold of the South.
The first part of becoming a woman in the south was getting married, but to make a full transition into the ideal women, one had to become a mother. “Women in the antebellum South could not have escaped the message that motherhood was their destiny, the ultimate fulfillment of their role” (Kennedy, 34). The idea of being a woman in the South during this time was…

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