Essay on Women After Marriage Should Be Banned

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Money represent more than dollars to pay for the food we buy or to pay our bills. Money is powerful; especially, on marriage, if a guy did not spend so much money on the girl usually it means he is cheap and he is not working well on the relationship. Many of us think women after marriage should be spoiled with expensive stuff. There is no right way for couples to manage their money but there are plenty of wrong ways. It starts from dating and it does not stop, the cost of the wedding plan, they relate themselves to filthy rich people, when money is tight relationship is rocky, and the worse of them all is using love for money or they use marriage for money. People do not understand what is the different between love and money. I do not know who put the rule that says men should pay for everything while women get spoiled, and if it did not work out this way then men do not know how to work their relationship. But if two people have babies together that is a different situation they have to realize that if the mother have to stay with the baby it does not mean she is doing a favor and if the father is working for their needs it does not mean the mother doing nothing. Relationships should be hard work and power of love not the power of money.
First, this problem starts from dating, women usually are looking for a man that can treat her like Cinderella. They think money is the answer it is a romantic and respectful way to show how much her how much he loves her. Men have to…

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