Women : A Woman By Default Essay examples

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A woman by default was expected to be a loving a wife and mother with strong religious values and morality, it is her obligation. The ideal of a woman has not really changed from what it was two centuries ago, but in the United States there has been an effort to tear down the gender-roles that have been established. A woman now might be expected to become the “Martha Stewart” of her home, but if she chooses not to it is not a big deal. Additionally she is able to pursue an education and obtain any job she chooses. However, it would not have been possible if the women of earlier decades have been conformists with their status. Women such as Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, have paved the path for women in Western countries to have be equal to men in opportunities for success. In two centuries Western women, especially those of the United States, have managed to liberate themselves from social oppression and earn equal rights. In the western world women were often restrained, especially after marriage. Women were denied the basic right of self government under marriage. For instance in the English Common Law, “The system of Coverture governed the union of husband and wife,” (Divine etal, 456). The system of coverture used the feudal system in which husbands were always the lords and women were the “feme” or vassal of the relationship. She could not own anything, and in fact she was considered property of her husband. That perspective on women did not change, whether…

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