Essay Women : A Common Ultimate Goal

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“Throughout history in all cultures a common ultimate goal is to achieve beauty” (Hutchins). For centuries, women of all race, culture, and location have strived to reach one common goal, which is to feel attractive. The old Chinese used to use a technique called foot binding, which was not only a symbol of beauty but also wealth and status. While foot binding no longer is a procedure used in this day in age, women have found new contemporary methods to make themselves look and feel more attractive. Cosmetic procedures, once used only by the rich and famous, are one of the most dominant methods of body modification in society today. In other countries, such as Africa and Thailand, other types of body modifications are used to achieve the overall goal of beauty. There are numerous procedures that women have used to enhance their beauty throughout the centuries, whether it is foot binding, lip stretching, neck rings, or cosmetic procedures. All four of these beauty enhancements correspond back to one another in more than one way, proving that society has not changed much in the sense of trying to be more attractive. In today’s age, it is easy to find ways to “enhance” ones beauty. If one was to type “cosmetic procedures” into the search bar of Google, the amount of information to be found is infinite. Cosmetic procedures by definition are “surgical and nonsurgical procedures that reshape normal structures of the body in order to improve appearance and self-esteem”…

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