Woman At Point Zero By Nawal El Saadawi Essay

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In the novel, Woman at Point Zero, written by Nawal El Saadawi, eyes represented symbol of the story. Ferdaus, the main character of the story, had a gift from god, which she could have seen personality of a character through the eyes. It is a condition in which her own sight about what it means to be a woman. Firdaus ' speaks with these eyes and it is these eyes that sees all. El Saadawi uses the motif of the eyes to show the human connection that Firdaus establishes with other characters and how these eyes helped her to establish relationship with them.
Ferdaus starts out having a happy childhood, she is cared for and loved by her mother, “All I can remember are two rings of intense white around two circles of intense black” (18). She felt kindness and love through these kinds of eyes throughout her life. These eyes took care of Ferdaus when she was in trouble and showed how her mother always held her up when she fell and never let her go, “... They could see me, and follow me wherever I went, so that if I faltered while learning to walk they would hold me up”(18). One of the few characters in the novel that was depicted by Firdaus was her former teacher, Miss Iqbal. Her love for Ms. Iqbal was conveyed through the description of Miss Iqbal’s eyes,“two rings of pure white, surrounding two circles of intense black…the white seemed to turn even whiter, and the black even blacker, as though light flowed through them from some unknown magical source which was neither on the…

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