Wolftech Case Study

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a. Information Security Risk Assessment System for Wolftech
The risk management is a process to identify risks within organization and to further manage the operations through putting up necessary controls in place. The further importance of risk assessment can be ascertained through fact that about 48% of the 283 companies have been victims of the computer crimes over 12 months’ period. In some other incident the internet worm affected the largest and complex network of computer in few hours.
Wolftech need to protect the information system from any type of unauthorized access, disruption, destruction, recording, inspection, disclosure, use and modification. If the confidential information of the organization is exposed to potential risks,
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The necessary controls have been proposed to manage the identified risks. The scale of risks has been defined as High, moderate, low on basis of its respective vulnerability and threat. The risk worksheet for the Wolftech is as follows:
Asset Risk Category Risk description Vulnerability
Scale (1-5) Likelihood
Scale (1-5) Risk rating
(V*L) Risk control measures
Unauthorized access unwanted hacker or intruder who are expert in using the latest technology as well as skills for breaking the system 4 3 12 Sensing IT team to ensure access controls are checked on regular basis and putting other necessary controls in place.
Virus and Malware Woltech, employees are freely using their laptops, ipads, cell phones and access the main database from their homes, so there is a possibility that virus or Malware can infect data or systems
All the system need to work on secure LAN and have necessary firewall and virus protection software installed in the
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The physical access control is also done using official cards.
Natural or Man-made sabotage The employees of the company in case of Wolftech have no proper logins or security constraints on their rights to access the crucial data from the main computer. Everyone is being accessing the data even from their homes so this increases the chances of damage and loss 100 times. Employees have the information which can be damaged by them voluntarily or involuntarily thus sabotaging the whole image of the company. It is required that employees should be given access as per their roles in the organization
The various forms of sabotage can be effectively managed through putting up detailed disaster recovery, incident response and business continuity plan.
Software security Wolftech uses range of software provided by third party and can have threat related with securing the data and information of network
The anti-virus softwares and putting up necessary controls in place so that software security can be deployed. This includes putting up firewall and secure patch update from time to

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