Wolf 's First Criterion For A Meaningful Life Essay

727 Words Oct 6th, 2016 3 Pages
Wolf’s first criterion for a meaningful life is that a person is actively engaged in something they like to do. Not simply doing just because or without effort, but they are actively engaging in that activity. An example of a person who meets the first criterion, but not the next two would be somebody who actively engages in playing basketball, but doesn’t really enjoy it, but play it just so they are not bored. Now this person is actively engaging in basketball, but they aren’t going to stick with it and they are not very good, so they are not going to be very successful with playing basketball or successful at all. The second criterion that this person is not meeting is, the person has to think of the activity as sacred and in disposable. This person is just playing basketball so they won 't be bored. The third criterion that this person is not meeting is, being successful with what you are doing. This person is not very good at basketball so they can’t really be successful. I think Wolf would tell this person that with what they are doing they are not living a meaningful life. She would tell them that they probably know they aren’t living a meaningful life because they aren’t really enjoying what they are doing, they are just doing it not to be bored. I think she would tell them to think of something that they really could get actively engaged in, something that is sacred to them and they could keep doing, and find something that they good at and could be successful in.…

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