With Honors Movie Review Essay

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The film centers on Montgomery 'Monty' Kessler (Brendan Fraser) a government senior student at Harvard University, who thinks his life depends on his thesis. When his computer crashes, Monty decides that the reasonable thing to do is to rush to make copies of the only hard copy of the thesis he has. But on the way to the copy shop, he has an accident and the thesis falls into the boiler room of the library and into the hands of Simon Wilder (Joe Pesci), a homeless man who has made a makeshift home in there. At first, there is tension between the two, as Monty is outraged for the deal he is forced to make with Simon: for each day of food and shelter, Monty gets one page of the thesis. As time goes by, Monty realizes that there
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There are some scenes where you're expecting the probable to happen and they don't: e.g., after Simon cooks Gorky, the rooster, you expect his master to be furious---when Simon finally meets up with the son he abandoned, you expect some kind of tearful reunion----and you certainly think Monty is going to graduate with honors. The end results of these scenes, however, avoid the usual cliché. Joe Pesci is delightfully understated in his role, and although he never really becomes loveable, you understand his pains and shortcomings; Brendan Fraser starts out pretty snooty and insufferable but as he matures in his relationship with both Pesci and Moira Kelly (who is delightful as Courtney), Fraser becomes a more sympathetic character; Patrick Dempsey adds some lightweight humor as Gorky's master, and Josh Hamilton eschews the usual pain in the butt role with a believable and touching change of heart.
The movie is definitely manipulative, but its heart is in the right place and its cast takes it seriously, so it ends up being a charming little film
I´m one of those people who knows what to expect from a movie and the best part of it is that you can be surprised.
"With Honors" is certainly one of my favorite little movies so far. There are times when one gets tired from blockbuster-movies and cars blowing up and heroes and spies and guns and the all-so-great 'wipe out the world ploy' (yes, I am quoting The Mummy Returns). I stopped by

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