Witchcraft, Magic And Occultism, Such Known And Mentioned Subjects

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Gothic Analysis Essay

Witchcraft, magic and occultism, such known and mentioned subjects, especially in Gothic literature. Stories that have been documented overtime have become mere entertainment to today’s public, constantly incorporated into movies, remade stories (with happier ending, like Disney’s interpretations) but it was only a few decades ago that these stories tormented any believers thoughts from time to time. In these myths, the characters whether being accused, acquainted, or simply an observer either know of a source of magic or ponder upon the idea of from which the power is created or where it appears from. Although there are stories of good magic, society often directs their attention to the darker forces because of the threatening image it withholds, to some all magic is thought to be evil because it is held to be supernatural and almost god like, humans are not to be even in the slightest compared to a god. For those that follow this idea, they may believe it was a demonic given talent.
“The Conjuring” a motion picture directed by a James Wan, appeared in theaters July 29, 2013, It is a story supposedly based on a real occurrence that paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren faced hands on. The story is about a family who’s new home becomes a nightmare, possessed by the spirit of an angry and vengeful witch who was completely devoted to the devil himself, the family seeks refuge from the investigators, who later triumph in…

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