Gothic Analysis: The Conjuring By A James Wan

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Gothic Analysis Essay

Witchcraft, magic and occultism, such known and mentioned subjects, especially in Gothic literature. Stories that have been documented overtime have become mere entertainment to today’s public, constantly incorporated into movies, remade stories (with happier ending, like Disney’s interpretations) but it was only a few decades ago that these stories tormented any believers thoughts from time to time. In these myths, the characters whether being accused, acquainted, or simply an observer either know of a source of magic or ponder upon the idea of from which the power is created or where it appears from. Although there are stories of good magic, society often directs their attention to the darker forces
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The story is about a family who’s new home becomes a nightmare, possessed by the spirit of an angry and vengeful witch who was completely devoted to the devil himself, the family seeks refuge from the investigators, who later triumph in removing the possessive spirit from the families household. The witch in the story is obviously displayed to be the antagonist, she is a powerful and a strong representative of evil itself, the history on the story indicates that by sacrificing her newborn child which is the ultimate sacrifice to the devil she obtains a greater source of magic. Other stories such as “Frankenstein” written by Mary Shelley and published January 1, 1818 reveal a different type of power. In “Frankenstein” Victor Frankenstein a scientist, creates a creature and gives it life, although the novel itself doesn’t exactly state how Frankenstein brought the creature to life, it is apparent that a scientist would use science to achieve this task. To bring a being to life with no apparent omniscient force, documented or proven science would suggest a source of magic; alchemist magic; sciences being the producers of magic. Because of the capability that powders, elixirs, medicines and other chemistry related concoctions did serve it was associated with a type …show more content…
Even today “The Crucible”, (previously mentioned) has controversial opinions on whether the novel should be banned or not banned in a public school setting, on the terms that it regards many “religious acts”. Generally, people connect what the do not understand with negativity in nature, or often act impulsively in means to protect themselves or an

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