Witchcraft, Fortunes And Tarot : An Interview With Wiccan Practicer

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Witchcraft, Fortunes and Tarot: An Interview with Wiccan Practicer

In this ever changing society, the religion of Wicca has been one of the fastest growing faiths throughout the world. It is by those who believe in the respective values of nature and realized the intrinsic connection between these forces that truly illustrate the Wiccan belief. However, due to the romanticized portrayal of witches and their views in the media today, many are charmed by this craft but do not realize the true essence of the religion. Nevertheless it is to be asked what do Wiccans truly believe in and why have many dedicated their lives to revolve around these matters? In regards to this questioning, I was able to see the true disposition of this particular belief by a face-to-face, qualitative interview with Amy Ferrante, a practitioner of Wicca and an friend of mine, at CCSU on November 24, 2016. My findings, in order to receive an in depth understanding, was divided into two sections: an interview and a observation/participation of fortune readings. In spite of already participating in these types of ritual previously, as I have been friends with her for many years, I wanted to fully understand the true connection between her and her faith. By the actual interview itself, I was able to clear up any misconceptions I had with the Wicca Religion and was able to sincerely appreciate the sacred connection of the planet and nature itself.

Despite being raised in an Atheist-like environment for…

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