Witch Trials In The Salem Witch Trials

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The Puritans followed the Bible as closely as possible. The magistrates referred to one scripture in the Bible time and time again as to see how to deal with the accused witches, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” (Exodus 22:18). Since the Puritans followed the Bible so strictly, they believed all accused witches that had been proven guilty were to be hanged or burned at the stake. The Puritans also believed North America to be the Devils country. They began to fear anything new and anything that went against or made them question their beliefs. In 1620 a new era was on the rise, an era that would become more science based and had less church involvement. This made Puritans cling on to their beliefs and ways of the church. They continued …show more content…
Back in 1692 the Puritan’s believed “Though shalt not suffer a witch to live.” This created what is known known today as the Salem Witch Trials. All of these terrible and tragic events happened because of three young girls showing signs of outlandish behaviors that were diagnosed as witchcraft. These girls were pressured by Reverend Parris and local magistrates to give the names of witches who were afflicting them. After naming three women the girls were still under the influence of witchcraft. One of the women who was accused, the Parris’s slave Tituba offered a confession and gave the name of nine other witches. She told the magistrates a story of a tall dark man (The Devil) who had her write her name in his book. She also said she could see a yellow bird suck on another witch’s finger. After Tituba named other women the others accused realized they too could be spared from the gallows if only they named more witches. Later years after the trails had been settled and dissolved many people who were to blame for confessions and convictions publically apologized and admitted to their wrong doing during trials. These people also threw out evidence in later years that was involved with the hangings and jailing of the Salem Witch Trials. If the Devil was said to be involved the Puritans were sure to believe it was his doing. Since they Puritans followed the bible so literally it was easy to justify all actions made by the courts in the years of 1692 and 1693. It has been over 300 years since the Salem Witch Trials have occurred but America will never forget the pain that this blind religious following caused all those years ago. Americans today can be reminded what blind faith can

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