Witch Hysteri Salem Village Essays

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Kayla Horton
Mrs. Quinn
American Literature Honors
7 March 2016
Witch Hysteria Comes To Salem
Salem Village was a small area made up of farms and neighbored by thick forest. At the center of town stood the village church, which was attended by most all of the inhabitants every Sunday. Not attending church to practice another activity was viewed as sinful by Puritans. Villagers were mainly poor and endured hard lifestyles with “a constant fear of Indian attacks, severe illness, and even death” (Linder). Under the control of Salem Village was Salem Town, a prosperous place opposite the village. The quaint village was struck by witch hysteria in 1692 resulting in an uproar that claimed the lives of many.
Children of the village were raised to do their chores and to use little imagination. Punishment often followed when a child showed anger or rebellious activity. To avoid punishment, it was not unusual for a child to blame witchcraft on the cause of their foul behavior. Adults constantly threatened children about Satan and witchcraft spells. A constant fear of accidentally committing a sin nested in the minds of children. It is then not a surprise that “a sensitive young child might be subject to weeping fits and hysterical talk about witchcraft” (Kallen 23). Adults would punish children severely for pretending to practice witchcraft or dance in the forest. It’s shocking that the accusations of the young girls of the village were believed and never questioned by most all of the…

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