Witch Hunts And Hysteria - Witch Trials Essay

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Witch Hunts and Hysteria
In the past and present no one has been safe from the Salem witch trials because people accuse and prosecute through fear and without proof. In the past the Puritans would accuse one another of Witchcraft and the only way to save themselves was by confessing to having practiced witchcraft and naming other witches; this really meant to accuse innocent people to save yourself. McCarthyism in the 1950’s was not really any different from the Salem witch trials, people were accused out of horror. McCarthyism targeted people who they believed were spies, of being a security threat. Witch trials and McCarthyism were not the only laws where people are accused and prosecuted without any hard evidence. Witch trials and McCarthyism occur nowadays by the name of Modern Witch Hunt/ Hysteria, a good example to best describe modern witch hunt and hysteria is the incident of September 11 2001 where nowadays people automatically think of any Muslim they see a terrorist. Throughout the years Witch Trials were caused by fear, hysteria and people abusing their power, therefore people did not have any options but to confess and bring down other innocent people down with them which led to tearing up the community.
In the spring of 1692 witch trials began in Salem, Massachusetts where no one was safe of being accused of practicing witchcraft. Salem witch trials and hysteria was caused by terror of powerful people abusing their power, secrets, and lies. People feared…

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