Wishart Pull Factors

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This task's purpose is to produce a detail investigation to the liveability of the Mansfield / Wishart Area. Being informative, the finished product is recommended to the Council.

The liveability of a location refers to the constant pull and push factors affecting the area. Push Factors are elements of an area that repels any citizens from residing there whereas, Pull Factors are elements that attract citizens to live there. Both factors are scored on its built and natural environments, economics prosperity, social stability and equity, educational opportunities, cultural, entertainment and recreation.

Mansfield and Wishart are both exceedingly liveable in all areas, according to the data. Both areas are safe and have a diversity of built
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Within this area are various activities that you can enjoy your day with. Most noticeable facility among the Picnic Ground is the playground known as “Broadwater Corner Store”. Nearby this playground are a couple of benches where parents can keep their eye on their children while they are playing, keeping the safety factor about the park. Close to these features are a BBQ stove where you can prepare a nice outdoor meal with your friends and family, which helps bring the bonds between the community together. There’s also a half-court for basketball for the residents to appreciate. There’s also a nice lawn for residents to play sport. Other recreational facilities are also available for Mansfield Resident's usage, with around 13 parks in the suburb which is a massive pull factor as it improve the healthy lifestyle the community has the social bonds, residents ignite. Tennis Recreational facilities are used by Mansfield Residents who live nearby Curringa Street Park and also a climbing venue is located Yandina Picnic Ground Park. With the Bumbila River running through the picnic ground, vegetation sustainability is very high, visitors will also enjoy the scenery, pulling residents to Mansfield through this factor as Besides park, a sporting complex is evident the Mansfield Community and is known as Eagle Sporting Complex. …show more content…
This is proven beneficial as other parks like Yimbun Park which is located in Sunnybank has been more popular ever since compared to the Broadwater Picnic Ground. This will also enhance the bonding between the community and its people. Another adjustment to the park is have an addition of a skateboard park. This will increase the social life of Mansfield and furthermore it is also a smarter use of the great amount of land the Picnic Ground used. Although it costs a hefty price, the pull factors more significantly then the price. Many parks in Australia own this facility like Coorparoo Park, however perhaps it could also promote graffiti, as according to the trend of many skateboard facilities owning graffiti, which may damage Mansfield reputation, depending on the public’s

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