Wishard-Eskenazi Health Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Wishard-Eskenazi Health formerly known as Wishard Hospital’s mission statement states to advocate, care, teach and serve. Wishard-Eskenazi Health provides services in every aspect of their mission statement and much …show more content…
The compassion the facility places on this program allows for very caring people to be with the dying patient when the time arrives.
With the new hospital opening in December 2013 patient care will enhance in providing a facility with the most updated technology and allowing compliance with government regulations. For example with the larger patient rooms the hospital is able to have every room comply with HIPAA patient privacy standards. The larger rooms will also allow for modern equipment for advanced care and will allow more processes to occur at the bedside instead of transferring the patient to another department.
Teach and Serve
Wishard-Eskenazi Health provides a multitude of services to help teach and provide service for the patient. Wishard-Eskenazi Health has established a primary care network consisting of its community health centers that provide range of services from primary care to mental health and addiction services. Education is provided to inpatient and outpatient status along with providing free clinics such as immunization to the public.

Quality Improvement
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The focus will be on improving processes of care. "This fellowship will allow us to continue to be at the forefront of developing tomorrow’s electronic tools to aid physicians and nurses as they care for our patients."( O'Keefe, 2010). By using the emerging trends of health informatics technology will assist in the improvement of quality of life and quality of care provided for the patient.

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