Wirlpool Inc in India Essay

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How to Study and Discuss Cases

Read the case once, attempt to answer the questions independently, and then read the case again.

Sample questions that may guide you on your analysis

What are the basic facts? What are the characteristics of the company and the market?

Who are the key players? What are their objectives? Is there an organization in distress? Is there an undeveloped market opportunity?

If so, what are the symptoms? What are the measures or evidence? Are they biased?

Are there underlying problems or trends? What are they? How do we know?

Is there one transcendent problem or opportunity? What is it? How do we know?

What decisions need to be made? What are the alternatives for action?

What are
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Through their worldwide excellence system, they achieve improvement in their results and attain breakthroughs in lowest defect levels and low supply cycle time. It enables them to exceed customer expectations and outperform competition.

2. Employees: The firm creates a culture for high performance that encourages the employees to contribute to the tasks fully as individuals and as teams. In a dynamic environment, diversity and pursuit of world-class performance is obtained from the employees.

3.Shareholders: With the aim of global leadership, the firm delivers great shareholder value and in the top 25 per cent of firms in the field.

The worldwide excellence system (WES) is the blueprint for Whirlpool quality management. It constitutes the operating system for achieving its objectives, which are as follows:

1. Leadership and people: At all levels, people must act to reach excellence.

2. Strategic planning, fact-based management and quality of process and products are the major internal processes for achieving excellence.

3. Measurement and results set out for meaningful quantifiable measurements, which can be tracked down for improving quality.

4. The customer satisfaction commitment of the firm includes meeting the customer’s expectations, service standards, relationships and satisfactory resolution of complaints.


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