Wireless Technology Upgrade Essay example

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1. Introduction 3
2. Strategic Business Assessment 3
3. Technology 4
4. Design a Wireless System 5
5. Compatibility Plans 6
6. Planned Competitive Improvements 7
7. Other Competitive Technological Solutions 8
8. Upgrading to Next Generation 9
9. Summary and Conclusions 10
10. Work Cited 12 Introduction:
Since the introduction of the first mobile phone in 1924, there has been a steady climb in developing and enhancing, the mobile phone and its supporting technologies. The cellular network infrastructures as well as service providers have been hard at work; in making sure they are providing the best service as well as devices. The infrastructure alone
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The devices would have large color screen displays. The devices being offered can be compared to devices like BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, and several other devices. GoFone’s wireless network is one of the largest and most reliable networks in its originating country covering several thousand people.

Design A Wireless System:
GoFone Cellular Communications network will be deployed using UMTS on the 900MHz frequency range; (UMTS900). GoFone’s idea of building a solid and reliable network with less makes UMTS900 the perfect solution. UMTS900 provides increased mobility options, as well as greater cellular coverage. Being that the network will be prorogated with fewer cell sites, UMTS900 will provide better hand-overs; which will reduce brief loss of connection or drops calls. The deployment of the new wireless network will prove to be beneficial to the Nation as the build out will create new jobs for its citizens. The development of a new network will create competition between providers, which in turn will create new business practices.

As previously mentioned UMTS is a 3rd generation technology, which offers more robust network with enhanced capabilities. UMTS is a concept that takes advantage of convergence of fixed and mobile networks and services, enabling a host of new applications. For example, a laptop with an integrated UMTS communications module becomes a general-purpose communications and computing device for broadband Internet

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