Wireless Technology in a Work Environment Essay example

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Wireless Technologies and Networks in a Work Environment
Edoardo Castillo
BIS 221
February 5, 2015
Bill Fennell

Wireless technologies and the use of networks have become a great part of our professional lives. We use networks to communicate and share ideas in a professional environment without having to be face-to-face with one another. Some of the advantages wireless technology has given us are mobility, flexibility, increased productivity, and reduced cost of manpower and material. These are just some of the advantages that wireless technology offers us, but we need to keep in mind that there are risks to this technology (Nascio.org, 2004). Although wireless technology has some significant benefits, it also has some disadvantages.
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Expanding these networks and making more than one network hub would significantly increase productivity and help ensure deadlines for repairs of national security vessels can be completed on time. One reason these types of problems occur is due to the lack of bandwidth. Other reasons are the sufficient increase in network traffic, information gathering, and large file transfer. These problems and working issues could be subject to change considering the solution stated above. Let’s say a company had multiple offices in different locations. Having more network hubs will increase efficiently in the network that would lead to faster connections and less wait time.
Security and range are two of the biggest disadvantages that you face with wireless local access networks. With a wireless network, a company would need to have a security system that is a lot stronger than the wired network. It would be easier to exploit the weaknesses of a wireless network than an actual wired one. The reason being things such as passwords, which can be hacked or exposed to the wrong users. Range is the other area that a company might encounter a disadvantage of going

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