Essay about Wireless Is A Cellphone Service Provider

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Verizon Wireless is a cellphone service provider that deals with all of the United States. They have a very large customer base that has loyal customers, such as myself, and deal with customers on a daily basis. In fact Verizon has the lowest churn rate which refers to the amount of cancellations each year. In 2014 only 1.28% of Verizon 's customers canceled their service with them. They have stores scattered all over the country and also deal with customers over the phone as well as online. Verizon is the leading cellphone service provider in 35 states and tied for first in ten other states. Also when it comes to the most subscribers for personal, wholesale and commercial, Verizon is first as well. This company has all around made a name for themselves and hold up to it by their excellent customer service and customer support. Other company 's claim to have better service but Verizon 's numbers speak for themselves.
Recently a problem occurred where I bought insurance on my phone and the next day my phone actually ended up breaking. I contacted the insurance company that Verizon uses and told them what happened. After telling my story the customer service member told me that I didn 't have insurance on my phone so I couldn 't get a replacement phone. I then had to call Verizon customer service to get them to help me out. The customer service member for Verizon listened to my story and sounded like she genuinely cared about my problem. She then contacted the supervisor of…

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