Wireless Electricity Essay examples

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Wireless Electricity
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February 24, 2013

Table of Contents

I. Wireless Electricity: Explanation and History 3 II. Political and Legal Influences 10 III. Economic Questions and Considerations 16 IV. Wireless Technology with Today’s Culture 20 V. Ethical Implications of Wireless Power 26 VI. Environmental Impact 30 VII. Bibliography 33

ABSTRACT: Wireless electricity is not a new idea, but it has recently become revitalized. This paper looks at the different facets of this invigorated technology. First, it talks about what wireless electricity is and the
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The main concept of the technology and how it works is based off of a few simple principles. The first step in making it work is that there are two coils required. Each of the two coils provides a separate feature. One coil is used as a transmitter, and the other coil is used as a receiver. Once the two coils are put in place, it requires an alternating current to be passed through the transmitter coil and generates a magnetic field. With this magnetic field generated, it then induces a voltage in the receiver coil thus creating the actual electricity that one can then use to power a device.

With this technology becoming more widespread, it eliminates many nuisances and worries that a common person, and all of their common electrical devices, faces every day. Some of those alleviated nuisances includes eliminating the need for people to carry around power cords, chargers or adapters. With the different types of devices one owns and the many charging methods (plugs, adapters, etc.) used to power those devices, using wireless electricity eliminates the need of having so many different cords on their persons throughout the day. Own an iPhone and all your friends do not? No longer will their proprietary charging methods be a problem as the device can now charge itself. This also eliminates the problems one faces when traveling to different countries, where carrying voltage converters is a must. Eliminating as many

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