Essay about Wireless Bluetooth Speakers ( 2015 )

715 Words Dec 6th, 2015 3 Pages
A fairly new electronic category that is constantly growing is wireless Bluetooth speakers. This category of speaker systems now encompasses everything from home surround sounds systems to personal speakers that you can travel with. There are many different companies competing in this category. There are well known corporations such as BOSE, Sony and many different new companies such as NYNE. BOSE and Sony offer many different types of wireless sound systems and is often advertised often during the holiday season. The NYNE brand is located in the United States and offers many different options for compact wireless Bluetooth speakers (NYNE, 2015, para. 4). The company that I will analyze further is Sony. Sony has two out of three of consumer reports rating of the top five wireless speakers under three hundred dollars (2015). The company is coexists in line with all of the large sound system companies. Their products can be found in almost every electronics retailer. There are many different branding forms that a company can use. The single branding is used when a brand name product or service is not affiliated with any other brand family or corporate brand name (Business Dictionary, 2015). The family branding occurs when a main brand is used to introduce many different products. This is done to take advantage of the already established brand name (Business Dictionary, 2015). Sony would be an example of family branding, they established their name by basic…

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