Wired and Wireless Networks Essay

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Wired and Wireless, What’s the Difference? The main difference between a wired and wireless data communication infrastructure is the existence of physical cabling. The same or similar techniques are employed for both types of data communication infrastructure in terms of the core elements of essential network services. The basic difference between a wired and a wireless network is self-explanatory. A wired network uses wires to communicate whereas a wireless network uses radio waves. Another difference and how one technology gets an edge over the other. Wired networks are easy to set up and troubleshoot where wireless networks are comparatively difficult to set up, maintain, and troubleshoot. Wired networks make you immobile while wireless …show more content…
The speed and security in this scenario are greatly enhanced. The latest Ethernet routers can support up to 1000Mb/s or a Gigabit/second, that’s ten times faster than the widely used 100 Mb/s router. However the overall cost of a wired network is lower and provides high performance and better security than wireless networks.
As home users, wireless networks have become the choice. A wireless network saves your time and efforts in installing a lot of cables. Also, if you need to relocate a client machine in your office, you only need to move the computer with wireless network. Wireless networking is very useful in the public places, libraries, hotels, schools, airports, train stations. A drawback in the wireless internet is that quality of service, it is not guaranteed if there is any interference. Then the connection may be dropped. Wireless local area networks allow users in local area, such as in a university or a library to join a network and gain wireless access to the internet. A temporary network can be formed by a small number of users without the need of access points. Service Set Identifier acts a simple password by allowing WLAN network to be split up into different networks and each having a unique identifier. These identifiers are configured in multiple access points. To access any of the networks, a computer is configured in such a way that each is having a corresponding identifier for that network. If they match between the

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