Winter Research Paper

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Take a slow, deep breath, winter is here. There is a particular stillness that characterizes winter and with it comes a subtle invitation to embrace a long, dark, season of slumber. This is the time to rest, reflect, hold space, vision, and hibernate. But unfortunately, the calm, peaceful nature of winter can also leave us feeling stagnant or un-inspired.
Hibernating isn’t going to burn any calories and that’s why I write this article to make you feel inspired to stay healthy and take good care of yourself. Don’t let the cold and dark put you off, stay motivated with the following advice:
1) Diet Plan
The age old myth of gaining weight in winter can be fought if you eat right and get just enough exercise. People gain weight in winter due to
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• Start your dinner with soup:
Have a bowl of low-calorie soup before your dinner to help manage your weight. Throw in some vegetables to increase your vegetable intake and don’t forget to add immune-boosting ingredients such as garlic, ginger and onions. It can also help protect from the colds and flu.
• Avoid Alcohol:
Alcohol is loaded with calories and since many holiday celebrations involve drinking, its easier to take in all that calorie at once without even being aware of it. If you still plan on drinking, drink water or a diet-soda before and after each drink to pace yourself and to dilute the calories in your body.
Once you’ve watched what you eat, setting a regular fitness schedule is the key to keeping weight off in winter.
2) Physical Fitness
Even for the fittest people out there, training is a challenge at this time of the year. Have a look at this list of tips to avoid a boring winter and make progress so when the snow and ice thaw, you’ll be looking and feeling

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