Winter In The Blood Analysis

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“Winter in the Blood” is movie talked about a sadness story about a man who named Virgil First Raise. He is not full-blood Indian and always been discriminated by the Native people and the white people. However, there were more sad things happened to his life, his father was freeze to death in a cold winter and his wife left him and took his gun and razor away. The leading actor went out his village and hoped brings his wife and gun back. On his way to find the gun and wife, there was happened many things in Virgil Frist Raise life. This movie directed by Alex and Andrew Smith, and this movie also reflected the real life of the Native Americans. “Winter in the Blood” began at the ditch while Virgil First Raise woke up and drunk. He looked degenerate in his face, and his always lived in his memory. His father’s death made him impressive, and his always had happy memory in childhood with his brother ‘Morse.’ They were dreaming to be a cowboy because cowboys always won in the movies. They played game together shared a good time. This was the front part of the movies, and the background music was soft and slow. Moreover, I could hear and feel the big plain with a cowboy style through this music. After he came …show more content…
He wanted to have a new beginning of his wife and promised to move the other place. Finally, he lost his wife and got injure by a strong man. He laid down on the street and memory other kids hurt his when he was a child. He thought the world is unfair and twisty and why human can treat so different in different race. After got rid of the bad Airplane man and two strange men in suit. He met with a young white lady and they relax together. However, he began to think about the people in this place, he became depress and angry. He wanted to escape everything. He memorized everything such as his father, brother and grandmother. They were so important to Virgil but they all pass

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