Essay on Winston 's Motivational Acts By George Orwell

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Like Julia, every young girl dreamed of finding that special someone to call their own. She admired Winston from afar, but soon she made a move to prove her love for him by showing her hatred for Big Brother and the Party. To prove her love, Julia connected with Winston by showing her hate for Big Brother and everything the Party was for and promoted to the city of London. Julia liked to play games behind Big Brothers back, however they were always one step in front of her and Winston. He continued to push Julia to show her true colors toward the Party because “as soon as he saw her he knew she was against them,” but in the end the Party pushed her past her limits to show Winston who she really was (Orwell 123). Despite Julia finding love through Winston 's motivational acts, the Party’s manipulation proved to be superior leading her to shift toward betrayal.
Julia was a master at playing mind games with the people she surrounded herself with. In her daily routine she did “voluntary work three evenings a week for the Anti-Sex League” by “carrying one end of a banner in the processions” (Orwell 122). She was more than happy to walk around town with her Anti-Sex League sash to full the Party into thinking she was someone she was not. She claimed it was the only way to play the Party and “remain safe” from them being suspicious of her sneaking around (Orwell 123). Julia thought she was fooling the Man because she “hated purity and everything it was for” (Orwell 124). She was…

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