Winston Smith : An Intellectual, A Peripheral Party Members Essay

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Part One
Winston Smith is an intellectual, a peripheral party members. He lives in London, it was call the No.1 airhead. He grew up in England before World War II. At the same time, before the revolution and civil war, the party won the power. In the Civil War, the Ingsoc placed him in an orphanage. The main purpose of the orphanage is to train children and after they become adults then absorb them to the party. Although they are members of party, but he lived a fairly poor living conditions, a one-bedroom apartment, the daily diet consists of black bread and synthetic food, accompanied by victory brand. His intellect made him dissatisfaction, so there is the habit of keeping a diary, the diary has retained his party and negative perceptions of Big Brother - if this diary is found, it will be enough evidence to sentence him to death. Not only that, fortunately, he 's in the room there is a niche in the electric side curtain and let him see. In his diary he wrote: "Thought crime does not lead to death; thought crime itself 'is the ' death." Telescreen (in all public places, and each party member 's residence there), hidden listening devices and let the informant thought police can monitor each individual, and thus identify any ruling party is likely to endanger the person; children were taught from childhood to identify and report suspected human thought crimes - especially their parents. In the Ministry of Truth, Winston was a staff member in charge of rewriting…

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