Winston Is a Hero Essay

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A hero is a figure who stands out above the rest by exceptional bravery, determination and uniqueness. In the novel 1984, the protagonist Winston, who lives in a country where nobody goes against "Big Brother" and anybody who does is punished, shows that he possesses the qualities of a true hero. Winston's bravery is shown when he goes against the laws of his society despite knowing the consequences and so, proves that he has the courage of a hero. Winston shows determination when he continues to learn more and more about the hidden secrets of his society even though he knows it is wrong and hence shows immense fortitude that allows him to accomplish deeds that only a champion could do. Finally, by his maintenance of his individuality …show more content…
He said what he believed and that is a quality of a true hero.

Finally, throughout the entire novel, Winston maintains his individuality among rest of the civilians of Oceania. For example, Winston never supported Big brothers from the beginning of the novel. He always though of ways to rebel against them, and escape from the tragic living conditions of Oceania. He never believed in any of their motifs or stories on past history. ‘War is peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is strength”, was always a slogan that questioned him and made him think twice about the party. He remembers of Oceania went on wit the flow and did whatever the party expected them to do. Winston however in the beginning committed thought crime and always hated the party. He wanted to make a change to society, and even went about talking to O’Brien about joining the brotherhood. He was the only Civilian who tried to take action even though it’s impossible to rebel against the party. This shows that Winston is one unique hero. In conclusion, Winston is a character with great heroic qualities. He is brave, determined, and unique in many ways, and George Orwell did a great job in creating a character that was flawed in so many ways yet still managed to maintain the characteristics of a hero by mainly sticking to his beliefs and to do anything in his capabilities to go against what was wrong. Though he may not have saved thousands of people or even made any lasting damage into the

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