Winston Churchill Literary Devices Essay

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Winston Churchill is known to be an excellent speaker. His speeches to the people in times of need were always inspiring, while simply delivered in a way that made them perfectly understandable to every person. In his speech "The Defense of Freedom and Peace" at the beginning of World War II, Churchill is very persuasive and uses simple yet illustrative literary devices and diction to inspire, convince, and persuade the British people to prepare for war and the American people to join England's worthy cause. Each literary device that Churchill uses enhances his message, adding to the beauty, and importance of the cause. During Churchill's speech "The Defense of Freedom and Peace", he decorates his message with literary devices such as …show more content…
However, no one remembers progress and good that ever was the product of submission to brute force. In the last paragraph of his speech, Churchill asks of the people, "Is this a call to war? Does anyone pretend that preparation for resistance to aggression is unleashing war?" (Churchill). Here he asks if his audience believes he is calling them to war. Is calling America and Britain to arm in defense against Hitler asking them to fight? No, Winston Churchill is not asking these countries to go to war, but instead he asks them to defend themselves and their allies against the threat of the Nazis. Hence, his question about unleashing war is asking his audience to remember that they are not attacking Hitler, only preparing to fend him off. In "The Defence of Freedom and Peace" there are many more rhetorical questions, each, like the two above, inciting thought, understanding, and agreement from listeners.

Churchill also makes admirable use of imagery in this speech. Actually, one might make the conjecture that Winston Churchill's use of this rhetorical device is to frighten his audience. For an example, the speaker makes the statement, "It [Czechoslovakia] is now being digested" (Churchill). What a frightening image! The Nazi force has devoured and is digesting that country, absorbing the land and the people into the German rule. It creates an image of a formidable beast that has eaten the small country, which will soon be completely gone. Indeed,

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