Should Britain Have Gone To War Essay

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Resolving disputes without the bloodshed of war, may not always be the best option for humanity. Winston Churchill, a member of Parliament, claimed that Chamberlain made a major mistake when it came to the Munich settlement. He argued that Britain’s decision to not go to war against Germany would have serious repercussions on all of Europe. By settling the dispute peacefully with the Nazi’s, this would only encourage Hitler to claim more territory in Europe. Churchill’s speech to Parliament proved to be significant in the twentieth century as he was right in the fact that Britain should have gone to war against Germany. Hitler continued to claim more land in Europe, and it was not until the invasion of Poland that Britain declared war on Germany. …show more content…
Churchill, accurately predicted the intentions of Hitler after the Munich conference, as Hitler invaded more territories across Europe. In fact, Hitler continue to conquer more land to the East as he invaded Russia on June 22, 1941. Despite signing a non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union on August 23, 1939, Hitler broke the pact by invading the Soviet Union. Churchill anticipated the advancement of the Nazi’s to the East as Hitler was not afraid to break the Non-aggression pact that he signed with Stalin. The invasion of the Soviet Union was devastating for not only the Axis powers but also for the Soviet Union. The aftermath of the Battle of Stalingrad was appalling, as the Soviet Union had suffered one million deaths, while the Axis powers had suffered one and half million deaths. Britain could have arguably prevented the Battle of Stalingrad if it had decided to go to war in 1938. It would have not only prevented millions of casualties but Britain could have potentially ended the Second World War earlier. The speech that Churchill gave to Parliament in 1938, proved to be extremely significant as he ultimately predicted the Second World War. Churchill saw that Hitler could not be trusted as Hitler’s objective was to expand Nazi Germany. Being able to accurately predict the future can not only prevent millions of deaths but it can also save humanity from a corrupt

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